Concrete Buckets

GVB Fabrications introduce you to our full range of buckets and invite you to change any of the designs to accommodate your needs. Concrete buckets is manufactured in any safe capacity with changes to steel thicknesses focussing on strength and durability.
  • All our Concrete Buckets are built to meet or exceed all the regulations come issued with the required certifications including a maintenance site safety checklist
  • All our products are covered with a manufacturing certificate including a one year manufacturing guarantee
  • All lifting equipment LMI, LME Certified for one year.
  • GVB offers an after sales repair service on free evaluation and inspection after one year.
  • All Buckets present a discharge gate closed automatically by spring with handle-lever and rope to open the gate or with rack and geared steering wheel manually controlling the flow by the operator.
  • The main manufacturing focus on Safety, Strength and Durability.
  • This exclusive range of buckets is manufactured and designed with the aim towards customer satisfaction with the offer to special designing of custom volumes and requirements.
  • Our buckets are highly requested as they provide smooth concrete placement.
  • Our product guarantees stability and structural strength.
  • Side Discharge Buckets is designed for specific pouring in demanded direction including columns.
  • Round and Square Shaped Bottom Discharge Bucket models available in any capacity in demand. They come with the option to attach a flexi flat concrete hose of 200mm diameter available in different lengths.
  • Alternatively a full flow open discharge option can easily be converted in between.
  • All our buckets is painted with steel coat paint to ensure quality.

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