Conveyor Systems

GVB Fabrications offers applications focused, purpose built solutions for organizations requiring goods handling conveyor systems that functions completely in today’s demanding business environment. We have over 12 years of industry experience in materials handling, allowing us to offer robust conveying solutions with long life and reliable operation.


Conveyors are utilized as components in distribution and warehousing. It is considered a labour saving system that allows large volumes to move rapidly through a process, allowing companies to ship or receive higher volumes with smaller storage space and with less labour expense.


We offer a range of conveyor systems and materials handling solutions; all designs are customized to suit the specific requirements of the customer. We design, manufacture and install stand alone conveyors  which can be incorporated into a customer’s existing equipment.

  • Our builder’s conveyors offers a huge range of any length and width in demand varies from the standard 450mm to 600mm wide in the standard 6m, 9m and 13m perfect to suit any building site fully adjustable also available in any size range for your specific needs
  • All Conveyors newly manufactured with new drives, belting and safety motor guards
  • Infeed chutes
  • Safety Signage’s
  • Adjustable Lifting Leg Frames available on request
  • Options between electric or petrol motor drives
  • Company Colour Coding available
  • Services offered on site support and training
  • Repairs and Maintenance
  • Conveyor designing towards special projects
  • Refurbishing and Servicing of old conveyors

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