Safety Cages

Gas Cylinder Safety Cages is a law instructed reality to be installed at private properties, complexes and any building with a gas cylinder installation. We design various types and sizes to make it a more attractive feature in your property.

Type 1 – Square Bar with Roof
Type 2 – Square Tubing with Mesh and Roof

Colour as per Preference
Generator Safety Cages is manufactured to the size of your generator and space allocated for the installation. The cage is protecting the generator from natural elements and theft. The generator cage is lockable to make it tamper proof and household safe.
Gas Cylinder Storage Safety Cages manufactured to the custom size of your cylinders for storage use. The cage is protecting the cylinders with lockable access doors from natural elements and theft. The cage is designed for easy access but safe and lockable. All Gas Cylinder Cages complies with AS 4332 – 2004 regulations

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