The best mechanical lifting machines for heavy loads

When it comes to choosing the right mechanical lifting machine to handle all your heavy load lifting needs, you need to know which equipment will do you the most justice. To help you make the decision, we’ve made a list of the best heavy load lifting machines available to you in the market.

Chain hoists

Different types of chain hoists

Chain hoists come in different sizes and configurations. You can choose between electrical chain hoists, hook-mounted manual lift chain hoists and pneumatic hoists. For heavy loads, electrical and pneumatic hoists are the way to go. Why choose a chain hoist?

  • They can adapt to different lift heights by switching out the chain.
  • They’re compact, portable and highly durable.
  • They can carry loads of up to 25 tons (heavier loads can be lifted with the bigger types of chain hoists).

How often you should service your chain hoist

Chain hoists should be inspected every 6 months and serviced every 12-24 months (depending on the type and configuration you’re using). Refer to your user manual for more details about service and maintenance. Get in touch today to book an inspection and/or servicing for your chain hoist!


Forklifts are the mechanical lifting machines you can rely on when you need heavy loads to be moved from one area of your workshop to another.

Different types of forklifts

These machines come in several variations, including industrial reach forklifts (the ones you’re most familiar with), rough terrain forklifts and pallet trucks (the ones used in warehouses to transport light to medium loads).

This article will give you an idea of how these forklifts work and what their applications are.

 How often you should service your forklift

These lifting machines are designed to handle heavy loads frequently; the average period between services and maintenance checks shouldn’t be linger than 90 days, especially if your forklift is used frequently.

Get in touch today to book an inspection and/or servicing for your forklifts!


Winches are mechanical lifting and hauling devices which use a rope or chain that winds around a rotating horizontal drum. They use motors or cranks to wind the rope/chain.

Different types of winches

There are four types of winding winches that each have different applications:

  1. Snubbing winch
  2. Wake-stake winch
  3. Glider winch
  4. Air winch

How often you should service your winch

There’s no definite answer to this one as is the case with hoists and forklifts, but the safe bet would be to inspect them every 6-12 months and service them every 12-18 months. If you winch starts making weird noises, it’s time for a maintenance check!

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